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What is Aromatherapy Massage?

Posted on 16 August 2018

What is Aromatherapy Massage?

Aromatherapy massage is a massage treatment that uses massage oil that is carefully blended with essential oils. (Essential oils are concentrated oils made directly from flowers and plants, barks, seeds and resins)

These essential oils are absorbed into the skin during your massage and are thought to promote a feeling of well-being and relaxation.  There are a lot of ways to use essential oils but the most effective way to use them on the body is through massage. When we inhale complex precious oils they operate effectively on all levels, the cellular, physical, emotional, intellectual, spiritual and aesthetic levels.  So in addition to physical healing they offer psychological benefits also. 

Surmanti Essential Oil Blends are designed to stimulate different emotions and atmospheres, you are given the choice of blend to be used in your treatment depending on what you would like out of your session with us.

The benefits of aromatherapy massage:

  • The skin is warmed and this increases circulation.
  • Helps eliminate toxins from the body.
  • Massage focuses on the release of tension in muscles and joints and in turn reduces pain.
  • You will leave feeling deeply calm and relaxed.
  • The inhalation of aromatherapy oils stimulates physical healing.
  • Reduces anxiety and ease depression.
  • Boosts the immune system.

Surmanti Spa offers Aromatherapy Tranquility Massages of 45, 60 or 90 minutes to relax your body and uplift your spirit.

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